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Submission Guidelines

Prick of the Spindle is a literary journal that is open to forms in both traditional and experimental modes, with a special bent toward fresh and innovative voices using language in unique ways. We read for issues year-round. If you are interested in being considered for publication in Prick of the Spindle, please take care to read the guidelines for submitting your previously unpublished work.

The online edition of Prick of the Spindle is published quarterly. Online content is also made available for the Kindle magazine incarnation of the journal. The print edition of Prick of the Spindle is published biannually.

There is no reading fee for the online edition, and submissions are accepted year-round (for reading fees for the print edition, please see the end of this page or the submission manager guidelines). We do send a courtesy e-mail notifying authors that we have received their submission; if you do not hear from us with a decision within three months of submitting, please feel free to send a query.

Submit to the Online Edition of Prick of the Spindleusing Submittable, our submission manager.

Submit to Prick of the Spindle – Print Edition

You may submit up to five pieces per category. Entries should be in a single attachment, and include a brief 3rd person bio. Submissions should be formatted to read title first, writer name, then text body. Please do not use text smaller than 12 point or any unnecessary formatting, such as excessive bolding and italics, unless it is inherent to the spirit of the work. Fiction submissions should be double-spaced with only one space between sentences.

We are open to publishing fiction varying in length from flash to novelettes (which are 7,500 to 17,500 words). Longer works should be directed to our print component, Aqueous Books. We are seeking reviews in the realms of academic literature, fiction, and poetry. Reviews can consist of works of literary criticism, book reviews, and academic analyses or essays.

We allow simultaneous submissions only on the condition that you notify us immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere. We work very hard to maintain high standards of excellence, and expect the same level of professionalism from all who submit. Upon acceptance, Prick of the Spindle acquires first (electronic) serial publication rights, after which the copyright reverts to the author. When you submit, you do so with the understanding that your work will be archived on the site. If you have been published within our virtual pages, we ask that you wait a year before submitting again. However, if you submit and your work is rejected, you may continue submitting once per (quarterly) reading period.

We do not publish children’s or young adult fiction, and we tend away from genre fiction, unless it is especially well-written with a particularly contemporary flavor. To give yourself the best chances of acceptance, read the journal to get a feel for what we like before submitting.

Please direct general questions and inquiries for reviews and interviews to pseditor (at) prickofthespindle (dot) com. We generally do not review self-published works.

To submit art, visit our submission manager (see link above). Artwork will be initially considered for the online galleries; please indicate whether you are interested in having your work considered for cover art in a future issue. To submit podcasts, please submit in an e-mail with accompanying description to pseditor (at) prickofthespindle (dot) com.

To submit short films, please e-mail the link where the film can be found or a .mov file around 30 minutes or shorter to pseditor (at) prickofthespindle (dot) com. In general, we are seeking films with an experimental or indie quality that emphasizes storyline or visual elements. We are open to different varieties; if you are unsure whether your work is a fit, send it on anyway. We’d be happy to have a look.

Electronic submissions are encouraged; however, postal correspondence (please include self-addressed, stamped envelope or e-mail address for reply on submissions) may be directed to:

Prick of the Spindle
P.O. Box 1180
Covington, LA 70434

If you are submitting by mail, please indicate whether you wish to submit to the online or print edition of the journal. Keep in mind that it is free to submit to the online journal (a quarterly publication) but that if you wish to submit to the (biannual) print edition, you must include the appropriate fees. Fees for the print edition are as follows:

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Prick of the Spindle.