Jesse Lindsay

Bio: Jesse Lindsay is a freelance artist currently living in Portland, OR after hitchhiking around the states for about 6 years, stopping in various cities and selling art to tattoo shops, galleries and anywhere else that worked at the time. Much of his work in the public sphere ranges from book illustrations, film projects and collaborations with various musicians and galleries around the world, as well as a collected personal works project, to be released soon. He refers to his current work as a type of “alchemical surrealism,” for lack of a better term. Most of his work is derived from dreams and studies in alchemical ritual, human psychology, mathematics, biology and various aspects of the occult. To him, everything is a method of expressing reality in one way or another, in terms that can be understood in the forms of energy and matter that are taken for granted in everyday life. The images at right are from the gallery “Laws and Limitations,” which is an exploration of many of Jesse’s studies and dreams as well as a way for him to express his theories and ideas on the matters of life, physical existence and his own personal development. Many of the symbols in his work are a collection of Sanskrit, Hebrew, alchemical and intuitive figures, as well as mathematical and biological structures and formulas. View Jesse’s work on his web page at; contact him via e-mail at